Living Room Color Schemes

Living Room Color Schemes

Wall Colors impart a beautiful effect in your every room if choose perfectly. But sometimes the excessive use of bold paint colors on walls makes your living room disturbing and you can get irritated with the bold paint color. So it is better to choose paint colors by knowing their effects on your living environment and body.When you are going to choose paint color, then always consider the amount of sunlight entering into your living room. The paint colors also depend on the style of your room.

Living Room

Living Room

Neutral paint colors for living room are always calm and elegant, so a palette of white, cream, taupe, grey and brown is a classic option for a living room that has to please everyone. Select any of paint color themes such as monochromatic, analogous, complementary, triad, split-complementary, warm, cool or neutral colors. You can apply paint colors that will highlight your living room color design. Go through the article to know the latest paint color trends for walls to update your living room.

Apply Color Magic to Your Living Room

Living Room- Green Color Paint

Green color imparts a fresh feel to your living room. You can make your living room relaxing by using green paint colors. It is better to use light hues of green color so that you feel comfortable in your living room. If you use a little amount of white or yellow color with green color paint, then it will give a dashing look to your living room. If you are a true lover of natural beauty, then you can add some fresh plants or flowers to accentuate your living room. Add wood furniture pieces to enhance the look of your living room interior.

Green color paint in living room

(Green Color Scheme for Living Room)

Living Room- Yellow Color Paint

Yellow color offers a welcoming look to the living room. When you apply yellow color paint in the living room, then it will give a haunting look to the interior theme. You can also apply yellow paint color in poorly lit foyers or dark hallways. You can try a medley of yellow and violet color which will give a superb contrast, but use one color as a dominating color and the other as an accent.

Yellow color paint in living room

(Yellow Color Scheme for Living Room)

Yellow color paint in living room-1

(Yellow Color Scheme for Living Room)

Living Room- Blue Color Paint

For a cool and refreshing look, you can choose blue color paint. If you apply blue, red and yellow triadic color paint, then it will create a wonderful atmosphere in your living room. For a different feeling, you can use a tint of blue color paint with white color.

Blue Color Paint in Living Room

(Blue Color Scheme for Living Room)

Living Room- Brown Color Paint

Brown color paint gives a classy look to your living room. Mostly furniture such as wood furniture etc. comes in deep brown color. You can match this scheme with a dark green wall paper for a different look. The hues of brown and green paint get match with the natural wood accents. The contrast color paint looks pleasing to eyes.

Brown Color Paint in Living Room

(Brown Color paint for Living Room)

Living Room- Red Color Paint

If you want to add luxurious feeling to your living room, the red color paint works better. Red color paint gives you energy to do work throughout the day. But use red color paint either on one or two walls of your living room. If you use too much red color in your room, then you will definitely get feel restless after sometime. A combination of red and green color paint or green and black color paint looks fantastic but use one color as a dominating color and the other as an accent.

Red Color Paint in Living Room

(Red Color Scheme for Living Room)

Living Room- Neutral Color Paint

Neutral color paint is extensively used in the various living room designs. You can better display your artwork, wall paintings and any type of wall décor on neutral color scheme in an effective way. You can mix any color paint with the neutral color scheme to offer your living room a sophisticated look.

Neutral Color Scheme for Living Room

(Neutral Color Scheme for Living Room)

Living Room- Grey Color Paint

For a modern and sober look, you can use grey color paint. Grey color is dull as well as cold. But for a different look, you can combine two or more colors paint from your living room scheme. Being a neutral color, you can combine grey color paint with almost any colors. You can try greyish yellow or red color paint to perk up the look of your living room interior. If you opt for simple furniture and accessories, then the modest grey color paint offers a graceful and sophisticated look to the living room.

Grey Color Paint in Living Room

(Grey Color Scheme for Living Room)

Living Room- Orange Color Paint

Orange color gives a warm feeling to your living room. But it is more friendly and welcoming color as compared to the red color. Orange color paint will absolutely add interest and zest to your living room design.

Orange Color Paint in Living Room

(Orange Living Room Color Scheme)

Add More Color on walls with Amazing Ideas

  • You can paint one wall of your living room with a bold color and make this wall the focal point of the room. If you choose any contrast color for the rest walls of the room, then it will give a tempting look to your living room.
  • Avoid monotonous atmosphere of the living room by adding a few notes of energetic colors such as green or cobalt blue if you are using white color for decorating whole room.
  • Use energetic colors for furniture if you want to paint your living room with single soft tone such as off white.
  • Paint one wall with indigo, dragonfly green or scarlet color paint and use the same shade on a few accessories like flower pots or cushions to create a sense of continuity.
  • Never apply dark colors of paint for small rooms as they make the rooms look smaller.
  • Use soft color to make the space look larger.
  • You can create a serene and tranquil atmosphere by applying soft tones of blue with white, beige and ochre shades.
  • For a new look, you can add fresh flowers and plants to your living room.
  • Paint your ceiling with white color paint to maximize the sense of light and space.
  • Special lighting effects can change the entire atmosphere of your living room.
  • You can choose a table lamp with stained glass lampshade for providing an astonishing look.
  • To complement your living room style, you can place a large mirror with golden or silver metallic frame and try to match it with the rest color scheme.
  • If you are using your living room for multiple uses, then keep the overall effect neutral and add luxurious accessories when you want to make more of a splash.


Creative Ideas For Choosing Living Room Paint Colors

Creative Ideas For Choosing Living Room Paint Colors


There’s no question that paint can completely change the feel of a room. But did you know that the way you apply paint can change the room as well? It absolutely can! Using the Glidden paint Room Visualizer, we’re put together some different living room paint schemes—so you can see what a difference paint can really make.

Let’s start with a grouping of neutral, complementary paint colors. Here we are looking at Pewter Grey, Raindrop White and Forest Black.

The first inclination would be to use Pewter Grey on the walls, Raindrop White on the trim and Forest Black as an accent color. But what if we put Forest Black on the ceiling instead?


Lovely and classic, right? Let’s see what happens if we flip this around and use Black Forest on the walls and Pewter Grey on the ceiling.


This living room paint scheme is also lovely and classic, but has a more moody feel than the first room.

What if we wanted more of a modern feel? Let’s flip it again and use Raindrop White on the walls, Pewter Grey on the trim and Black Forest on the ceiling.


Way more modern, right? And we’ve used the same three colors in each room.

Let’s see how this works in another room with a different set of colors. For the next grouping, let’s try  a set of colors with cool tones: Deepest AquaNova White and Neutral Wheat.

Yourfirst thought might be  to try a room with Deepest Aqua on the walls, Neutral Wheat as an accent color and Nova White on the trim. Here is how that looks:


This combination of colors makes a room with traditional trim look more contemporary. What if we swapped the wall and accent colors?


With Deepest Aqua below the chair rail, this room gets a little unique punch. Let’s flip it all again and use Nova White on the walls and Neutral Wheat on the trim.


Isn’t that unexpected? All three of these living room paint schemes are gorgeous.

Want to try it again? Let’s look at some warmer colors: Honey FrostWhite on White and Greycliffe.

The first application of these colors is a bright and cheery combination, with Honey Frost on the walls, White on White as an accent color and Greycliffe on the ceiling.


Although the ceiling is a small portion of this picture, the Greycliffe tones down the yellow on the walls.
If we swap the wall color with the ceiling color, we get a much moodier room.


We can also emphasize the fireplace with color. How about White on White on the ceiling, Honey Frost on the walls and Greycliffe as an accent color?


It’s a totally different look, isn’t it?

The lesson here is to think creatively when applying colors to your room. Even with living room paint schemes using three colors, there’s a multitude of ways to use them in your space. If you want to visualize colors in your own room, upload an image to the Room Visualizer and play around. You’ll be able to see your room in different paint schemes—before you even open a can of paint.


Bunk bed built for kids in attic of home!

Kbunk1ids enjoy having unique areas to play in or even a small area to call “home”.  A modified bunk bed custom-built in the attic/loft of this contemporary home would be the envy of any child, while still serving a functional secondary purpose via storage space for books, games, and other items.

In lieu of a bottom bed of the bunk, a play area instead occupies this space and gives the child offers plenty of open space for creative fun.

The bunk bed’s ladder splits the open space into two separate areas. One side is meant for fun while the other is meant for doing homework and keeping up with his or her studies.

Even myself, as an adult, find myself envious of this uniquely built attic bunk bed. I imagine children would have a blast sleeping, playing, and studying in this attic or loft  creation!




Interior and outdoor molding and trim

Interior and outdoor molding and trimThe finishing touches are how normal, ordinary things become wonderful pieces of greatness.

For example, if you were to look on the far side of sequins, a ballerina’s complex tutu is simply an apparent unitard. Removing that secret dash of his one extra special ingredient, the gourmand chef’s chicken tastes rather like one thing you prepare for dinner any normal traditional night. A similar thought can be made via the aforesaid chef analogy for your home style – the limited details like trim and molding will build all the distinction within the overall look and feel of your personal paradise .

Once upon a time, molding was an installation nightmare that engulfed the foremost bold designers. Materials were significant, tough to manage, and still required to be fit, painted, cut, and positioned – by no means a task for the typical house owner to undertake. Today’s materials eliminate a number of those challenges, creating molding and trim installation an exquisite homemade task that’s not very time overwhelming. However before busting out the seal gun and your hammer/nails, there’s some preparation involved and a good book on this subject can help.

molding2Molding and trim are both functional and decorative, and after being installed, the details are eye appealing and add significantly to your decor, while hiding joints from your walls, floors, ceilings, windows, doors, etc. Molding is available in several different materials that can widely vary based on its finish and price.

Molding and trim work is not limited to the interior of your house, as finishing touches are also needed outside, too. Outdoor molding will enhance your house’s curb appeal, and with a plethora of options, it is quite simple to find what suits your house and personal decor style.


50 shades of grey: inside top blogger Kate Watson-Smyth’s London home

50 shades of grey: inside top blogger Kate Watson-Smyth’s London home

The living room is wall colour is Farrow & Ball’s Down Pipe and the fireplace is painted in Railings. The Haresfield velvet sofa is from Sofas & Stuff. Pink and red accents warm the space. 
The living room is wall colour is Farrow & Ball’s Down Pipe and the fireplace is painted in Railings. The Haresfield velvet sofa is from Sofas & Stuff. Pink and red accents warm the space.  CREDIT: PAUL CRAIG 

Think grey is boring? Allow Kate Watson-Smyth, British blogger par excellence and grey evangelist, to change your mind. Her five-bedroomed 1860s terraced house in north London is a symphony of serene grey shades and she has some fascinating theories about why it’s the defining neutral of our times (of which more later). Indeed, she’s so keen on the colour that she wrote a book about using it in your home, entitled Shades of Grey

Kate, a former newspaper reporter, shares her home with husband Adam (a high-flyer in PR), teenage sons Isaac and Noah, and Enid the cat (grey, of course). From here she runs her award-winning website, Mad About The House, which was crowned Vuelio’s No.1 UK Interiors Blog last year. Kate also has more than 36,000 Instagram followers. Here, she tells us about her space.

The back half of the living room houses an impressive library. The MDF bookcases were made by a builder and painted. Quirky accents include a Zebo rug from Alternative Flooring.
The back half of the living room houses an impressive library. The MDF bookcases were made by a builder and painted. Quirky accents include a Zebo rug from Alternative Flooring. CREDIT: PAUL CRAIG

What was the house like when you moved in? It was the worst house on the street. It was divided into two rental flats. The downstairs had been empty for over a year – there was a hole in the floorboards that I fell into every single day for six months. We moved into the top two floors while the builders did the ground floor, then played Tetris with the bedrooms as they were done one by one.

The Ikea kitchen units 
have new painted MDF fronts. The leather handles are 
from Superfront  ( 
The Ikea kitchen units have new painted MDF fronts. The leather handles are from Superfront 

How would you describe your decorating style? I call it urban glamour. I like things to be a little rough and ready but in luxurious materials – antique velvet chairs set against dark grey walls and metallic accents.  What is it that you love so much about grey? It’s the perfect neutral and it makes all other colours look great. It works just as well in a modern space as it does on panelling in a more traditional room.

There are many theories about why it has become the colour of our time – one is that magnolia (the previous defining neutral) looked great under the warm glow from a tungsten bulb, but terrible under the cool, white light of an LED or compact fluorescent. Grey is much better with modern lighting. It’s good for the cool blue daylight of our northern hemisphere, too.

Are there any other things you use over and over? I seem to buy a lot of chopping boards. I have no idea why. They are useful, affordable and feel like a little gift-to-self  if you’re not near a handy shoe shop.

What’s your favourite room in the house?It’s usually the last room I decorated, so at the moment it’s the bathroom. It’s big – because it used to be a bedroom – so it feels like a real treat to be in there. The twin basins are said to be the secret to a happy marriage, but mainly I love the dark walls and vintage furniture, which contrasts so well with the white suite.

What’s your prized possession? My gold palm-tree light from Rockett St George. It’s 6ft tall and magnificent.

Kate converted a bedroom into this spacious en suite bathroom.
Kate converted a bedroom into this spacious en suite bathroom.CREDIT: PAUL CRAIG

What’s the easiest way to update a room? Apart from paint, changing the lights and adding a large pendant can make  a big difference. Or swap white plastic light switches for brass or Perspex. Always consider the touch points.

Where do you get inspiration? I spend far too much time looking for stuff on the internet, but I always think a restaurant loo is a good source of inspiration, too – they will often use bold patterns and great tiles to make an impact in a small space.

The bedroom wallpaper is Neisha Crosland’s Hollywood Grape ( 
The bedroom wallpaper is Neisha Crosland’s Hollywood Grape.  CREDIT: PAUL CRAIG 

What’s a typical work day like for you? The truly wonderful thing is that there is no typical day. I might have a meeting with a company to discuss a possible collaboration on the blog, or I might be styling and shooting products in my house as well as writing posts. I also run an interior consulting business, so I often have clients to visit or call. My office is in our converted loft, but I tend to work at the kitchen table.

What do you think the next big homes trend will be?  I think millennial pink will be with us for a while longer, but it’s going to get darker and dirtier and morph into  a burnt orange or rust shade. The 1970s are coming for  us, too – what starts on the catwalk inevitably ends up on  the cushions.

The desk in Kate's attic office the desk is made from a length of reclaimed laboratory worktop from Retrouvius, held up with builders’ brackets normally used in chimneys. 

Floating bathtub is also a hammock; A great way to relax!

Vessel bathtub that doubles as a hammock
bathtub that is actually a hammock? This sounds far-fetched, yet very relaxing if it were to actually exist. Great news! It does exist! “Vessel” is a bath that is developed from strong, yet lightweight carbon fiberand hangs like a hammock. It was developed by Splinter Functions. Later in this article, we tell you what the co-founder of Splinter Functions had to say about this unique and fun mix of hammock and bath.

Made for use in a room that has tiled floor with a drain that has no trouble with things getting moist, Vessel is actually suspended from the walls and does not touch the floor, just like a hammock. It attaches to the walls with stainless steel brackets that can be covered or just left exposed, depending on your decor or designstyle. The bath is filled with water and uses a standing floor tap. The water after bathing is released via the base into a drain on the tiled flhammock-bath-2oor. A down-pipe drain can also be installed, if necessary, if a wet space setting is not possible or available.

The co-founder of the Vessel’s parent company had this to say about their product: “Struck by the synergistic qualities amongst the shapes of 2 quite compelling items that have come known to symbolize rest, (a bathtub and a hammock) we were inspired to create a piece that would offer the best of both worlds that allow for pure and total bliss.”

Peaceful fun of meditating or relaxing in a hammock has been enhanced by combining it with the immense comfort of soaking in warm bathwater. Elevating the experience of bathing into a sculpture suspended above the bathroomfloor has been reinvented as a contemplative sanctuary for artful relaxation, while still maintaining its secondary function as being a bathtub.

Vessel, designed from carbon fiber (utilized for its inherent power and capacity to be formed into complicated curves as well as being very lighammock-bath-0htweight), mimics the weave of the cloth/rope of a common hammock. Below multiple layers of carbon fiber lies a foam based core layer, which is there as insulation for the tub. This means the bath stays at just the right warmth you prefer for a substantially longer period than your old style, run-of-the-mill bathtub!

At eight foot and ten inches in length when fully extended, Vessel is not just a typical bathtub, but much more. There is an abundance of space to share the experience of this fun bath with a significant other, if you so choose. Custom built sizes are also available through the manufacturer, but it is also developed so that it you can trim up to almost a foot of length from the hammock bathtub Vessel, allowing for the most flexible set up arrangements that are possible. Pictured on this page is the Vessel hammock tub in black, but it also offered in red, blue, yellow, pink, bronze and pure silver, just to name a few of the many coloroptions.

Here are a few more pictures below:






Cloth Pyramid-Style Book-ends


We have an insatiable appreciation for fabric. A highly-designed textile is a bit of art that can bring a great deal depth and mood with a room. Sometimes I feel as though there just arent enough uses of fabrics in any given room. Combine by purchasing my husbands (cliche, I would argue) disdain for accent pillows, plus it signifies that Im always looking for creative and non-traditional solutions to put fabric to make use of during my home. Todays project has a great balance. A little fabric, some beginner-level sewing, along with a kitchen staple make for a couple of book-ends which are both unique and sculptural.

Continue through below for that full how-to after the jump!


-two 13&Prime x 9&Prime cuts of fabric (We used Anne Kelles Remix Triangles in Black by Robert Kaufman)

-rice or beans

-pillow stuffing





1. With right sides facing, fold the rectangle in two lengthwise to align the 2 9&Prime edges, and stitch them together.

2. Turn the material tube right-side out.

3. Fold the edges of one of the openings within 1/2&Prime, and stitch shut.

4. Fill the material pouch about 1/three of the way full with rice or beans or perhaps something to weigh it down. Fill the remaining with pillow stuffing.

5. Fold the sides of the remaining opening inside 1/2&Prime shut, pin in position, and stitch shut, such that the seam is perpendicular to the previous one.


Finished product:


Now Even Your Corner Market Has a Top Designer

Now Even Your Corner Market Has a Top Designer

At the newly opened Clover Grocery in New York’s West Village, Studio Mellone puts an über-chic twist on the urban deli experience

When Kyle Hotchkiss Carone conceived Clover Grocery, the neighboring take-out offshoot of Café Clover, his health-and-style-conscious West Village restaurant, he envisioned “the world’s chicest bodega.” In a city of small apartments and smaller kitchens, Clover Grocery was to be the ultimate grab-and-go, replete with wholesome roasted veggies, fresh coffee, a juice bar, and other essentials like Bamford beauty products and fresh-cut flowers.

“Since I was a kid going to the market with my mom, I loved the experience of shopping for food and other beautiful things,” says Carone. “Coming to Clover Grocery should be a highlight of your day—for breakfast or matcha, for a brief escape from the office for lunch, to pick up a gift, to shop for a dinner party on the way home from work—it should be the opposite of stressful to come by our little shop.”

For the epicerié’s interiors, Carone tapped Studio Mellone, known for creating rigorously glamorous spaces for clients including Thom Brown and Jason Wu. “I came to Andre [Mellone] with a million references—everything from Perriand stools to bronze Pompeii deer,” notes Carone. Together, he and Mellone conjured an ultraglamorous scheme that draws on the chic epicurean arcades of Europe as well as iconic residential architecture. “Ultimately we arrived at [Milan’s] Villa Necchi Campiglio and its incredible kitchen as the jumping-off point,” Carone adds, pointing out the blue ceramic tiles, blond wood shelves, and curvilinear marble details. And, setting the space apart from the quotidian bodega, much attention has been lavished on a sumptuous lighting design that’s ultraflattering to both the patrons and the fresh goods. When evening falls, the lights go dim and the large custom-made trestle table is reset for intimate dinners and private events.


Jeffrey Bilhuber’s New Home Collections Make Everything Old New Again

Jeffrey Bilhuber’s New Home Collections Make Everything Old New Again

Chat with Jeffrey Bilhuber about interior design and brace yourself for some seriously peppy—and always deeply informed—proselytizing. The dashing Manhattan-based tastemaker to the stars (Iman, Mariska Hargitay) explains that his responsibility to his profession is to “move history forward and forge a new identity out of the old. It’s about revving up what’s classic in the American style canon and making it relevant for right now,” he continues. “Adding horsepower to history: That’s very appealing to me.”

Bilhuber’s four new collections, the first in a meteoric career that was launched in the 1980s, embody that fast-forward philosophy. His furniture and accessories for Henredon, which debuts in April, take inspired liberties with everything from eminent Victoriana (a rescaled slipper chair perches on gilded spiral feet) to a neoclassical commode owned by society swan Lee Radziwill.

“She’s one of my career’s remarkable influencers,” Bilhuber says, also citing, among other idiosyncratic American aesthetes, the oil heiress Millicent Rogers and the style diva Pauline de Rothschild. “They all found their own voice and created themselves in full.”

Bilhuber’s Tibetan and flatweave carpet collections for Elson & Co., another April introduction, riff on the geometry of American quilts (think Gloria Vanderbilt’s funky patchwork bedroom) and the eccentricities of Colonial-era mochaware. The results, chic yet spirited, remind Bilhuber of a conversation he had with couturier Hubert de Givenchy, an early client, who said, “France gave us refinement, and America gave us the sportif.”

Coming next year will be a porcelain dinner service created for de Gournay, the eminent wallpaper studio, on which garden flowers are drizzled with gold graffiti—inspired by what Bilhuber calls artist Nancy Lorenz’s “irreverent vandalization” of the gardenesque de Gournay paper in his Manhattan apartment.

“All these designs are modern-day interpretations of what we’ve always been seduced by but didn’t want to return to,” Bilhuber says. And, he stresses, though the products were conceived for the mass market, their point of view is absolutely custom. “Everything runs on a parallel track with my residential projects,” the AD100 decorator says. “They’re not two separate conversations.”


Organizing items as you decorate

Imagine you are looking through the eyes of another person who comes to visit your home or residence.  As they walk through the front door, what do they see first?  Clutter and overwhelming amounts of items can be intimidating to your guests.  Studies even have shown that people who keep neat and tidy homes actually have lower stress levels which directly lead to lowered blood pressure.

You don’t always have to have an item in every single place.  Open is not a bad thing, space wise.  Imagine a bookcase.  Your bookcase could look cluttered with every little nook and cranny filled with items other than books.  Avoid bookshelves with clutter like the following picture:

Disorganized bookshelves

Try to keep only books in your bookcase (bookends are of course allowed, too).  It will look neater to any potential guests than having cluttered items elsewhere on the shelves.

Organized bookshelves

Organized bookshelves


Plus, again, empty space on your shelves is not a bad thing.  Look at the empty space as more books for you to buy in the future and plan for that day when your bookshelves are full of what it was built to hold: books.

Organized bookshelves