This Extremely Narrow House Is Surprisingly Spacious on the Inside


When a couple approached Mizuishi Architects Atelier with a triangular property in Japan, located between a river and a road, and the dream of building a home they could live in with their young child, designer Kota Mizuishi knew he had to get creative. The results? A 594-square-foot house that looks small on the outside, but is shockingly spacious on the inside.

For starters, it’s two stories tall. Not what you expected, right? The first floor is where you’ll find the bedroom. When just the family of three is at home, the space can remain open to anyone. However, when guests visit, a sheer curtain provides privacy for the homeowners and creates an area where some of life’s messier moments can stay hidden. But just up a set of slim stairs is where guests will feel right at home.

The second floor is home to the kitchen and living room. The cooking space is nestled into the corner of the home, which makes it almost feel like a separate room altogether. If you look up, there’s a playroom for kids accessible by ladder. This loft also boasts two skylights that allow natural light to pour into the communal area by day and can serve as a cozy stargazing nook by date night. Just a thought.

Take a look:

inty house

inty house

inty house

inty house

inty house

inty house

inty house

inty house

inty house

inty house
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We Can’t Figure Out Why This Tiny Bethesda Home Costs $459,000

It’s only 315 square-feet, people.

tiny home

This home should be the definition of affordable. No only is it located in Bethesda, Maryland (a popular suburb near Washington, D.C.), but it’s also tiny — we’re talking 315 square-feet. Normally people who embrace small space living do so to cut costs, but this cottage is bucking trends left and right.

You see, it’s listed for $459,000, which might make it the most expensive small home we’ve ever seen. (Even this fancy one from Tiny Heirloom was just $150,000.) After grabbing our calculators, we realized this means it costs $1,457 per square foot. That’s shockingly high compared to the $423 current average in Bethesda.

Though we have to admit: It does look cozy and could be an ideal starter home for a couple of newlyweds (if they have serious savings). It was built back in 1940 as a cabin, but has since been renovated into a single-family home. Inside you’ll find one bedroom and one bathroom, with the main level hosting the living space, kitchen and bathroom, plus a loft above for sleeping and dressing.

Take a look:

tiny house bethesda

tiny house bethesda

tiny house bethesda

tiny house bethesda
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10 Reasons Why You Should Move to Austin, Texas

It’s officially the top place to be in the United States, according to a new report.

If it seems like everyone and their brother is moving to Austin, Texas, that would be correct. The “Live Music Capital of the World” welcomes around 50 new residents every day, and the state capital is such a hot spot it just earned another title as well. U.S. News & World Report released its 2017 Best Places to Live list today, and none other than Austin won the top honors.

Denver and San Jose rounded out the medal platform, but no city could beat Austin’s quality of life, job market and desirability, among other factors. Still not convinced that Central Texas is the place to be? These 10 reasons will have you packing your bags — and your cowboy boots — ASAP:

1 It’s super cheap.

While buying a home there can cost a pretty penny, the cost of living is actually pretty low, thanks to low state and local tax rates, plus zero personal income tax. According to U.S. News, Austin offers a better overall value than other similarly-sized cities.

2 You won’t miss the country one bit.

With over 250 parks to choose from, there are plenty of green spaces to jog, bike, hike or even kayak, all without leaving city limits.

3 There are two tons of food trucks.

It’s a great excuse to chow down on tacos — or barbecue — every day.


4 Live music is playing everywhere, all the time.

You might have heard of little thing called South by Southwest (President Obama, Lady Gaga and Bruce Springsteen have all stopped by). If not, the PBS show Austin City Limits has documented the jazz, country and folk music heard across the city for over 40 years.

5 Art lovers can go to town.

Between landmarks like the Blanton Museum of Art and the numerous murals across town, there’s an Instagram backdrop wherever you look.

6 It’s full of natural wonders.

Austin is also known as the “City of the Violet Crown,” thanks to its spectacular sunsets.


7 Football fans will be in heaven.

Over a 100,000 people watch the Texas Longhorns on game day, but the city also hosts the annual X Games and Circuit of Americas Formula 1 race.

8 The UT campus is a city in itself.

The University of Texas at Austin is one of the largest college campuses in the country (over 50,000 students take classes there!) and it’s home to seven different museums, including the LBJ Presidential Library.

9 The holidays are especially merry.

Every Christmas, a twinkling spectacle called the “Trail of Lights” illuminates the city.


Home Warranties for Buyers and Sellers

Home warranties are always a valuable investment, but they are especially smart during the purchase or sale of a home. A home warranty can protect buyers and sellers alike from surprises and unexpected costs, and even give homes an edge during real estate sales. For home buyers, a home warranty service contract with Choice Home Warranty offers budget protection at a time when you need it most. For home sellers, a home warranty can translate into a better, faster sale, avoid repair issues during closing, and offer reassurance for buyers and sellers alike.

Home Warranty Coverage for Buyers
After you’ve purchased a home, the last thing you want to do is spend hundreds, even thousands on repairing or replacing items in your home. Many home buyers are cash strapped following a home purchase, and the months and years after closing may be a vulnerable time for home owner finances ­­ an especially unfortunate time to experience unexpected repairs.
With a Choice Home Warranty service contract, home owners, whether first time buyers or seasoned veterans, can rest assured knowing that the cost of repairs for covered systems and appliances will be covered.*
Home buyers with Choice Home Warranty contracts enjoy benefits including:

    • 24/7/365 service available for claims both online and on the phone.


    • Immediate dispatching of trusted licensed, and insured local technicians prescreened and qualified to repair your home.


    • Low $60 service call fees, regardless of the actual service cost.


  • Budget protection against surprise repairs and replacements.

Home Warranty Coverage for Sellers
Home warranties are a powerful selling tool for homes. Homes with warranties often sell for an average of $2,300 more, and 11 days more quickly than homes without warranties.¹ That can save you money and hassles.
Homes with warranties are simply more attractive to buyers, giving your home an edge, especially in competitive markets. Home buyers will be reassured that their investment is taken care of, and are willing to pay for it.
A home warranty also protects home sellers against repairs and replacements during the sales process. This can avoid having repairs hold up closing, while also offering reassurance to buyers.
Home sellers with Choice Home Warranty contracts enjoy benefits including:

    • 100% transferable service contracts.


    • More attractive home sales at higher prices with faster sales.


    • Reduced liability after closing and a better reputation.


  • Protection against repairs during the sales and closing process.

* Click Here to view complete limits of liability and any exclusions. CHW offers service contracts which are not warranties.

¹. Source: Service Contract Industry Council & National Home Warranty Association.

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What is a Home Warranty?

Home warranties, also known as service contracts, allow homeowners to pay an annual fee for repair and replacement service of covered appliances and systems. These contracts protect homeowners from the high cost of unexpected appliance breakdowns and system failures. With a home warranty, you’ll be covered whether your refrigerator stops running or your plumbing stops up ­­ and that can save you both money and frustration.*
Home warranties are service contracts that promise prompt, effective service for problems with your covered home appliances and systems. They offer protection not just for your home, but for your budget and time.**

How Home Warranties Work
Home systems and appliances can break down when you least expect it ­­ and often, when your budget isn’t ready for it. A home warranty offers peace of mind. With a home warranty, you can know that even when the unexpected happens, you’ll be taken care of by trusted home repair professionals.
With a home warranty, your home’s most important appliances and systems will be covered, provided they are maintained and in good working order at the start of your contract.* You’ll pay your contract fee annually and enjoy repair and replacement service for essential home systems and appliances for this low annual fee plus an affordable service call fee for each repair or replacement.***

How Home Warranties Help Homeowners
Your systems and appliances may be in good working order today, but sooner or later, everything wears out. Even with perfect maintenance, nothing lasts forever.
When your system or appliance breaks down, you could spend hundreds or thousands to repair or replace it, potentially causing a serious financial setback. Or, you can have it covered by your home warranty for just the cost of a service call.*
With these predictable costs, a home warranty service contract allows you to control the cost of home repairs. Rather than spending money on surprise repairs or replacements of systems and appliances, you can rest easy knowing that it’s all taken care of with your annual service contract fee and low cost service call fee.*
Homeowners also benefit from the peace of mind offered by a home warranty. You can feel confident about your home’s systems and appliances, as you won’t need to worry about them if they happen to break down or need replacement.***

Getting Home Warranty Service from Choice Home Warranty
With a home warranty, any time you need a repair for a covered appliance or system, you’ll simply submit a claim to get help from a local technician. The Choice Home Warranty claims hotline is available 24/7 by phone or online. Once a claim is submitted, Choice Home Warranty will immediately dispatch a local, licensed, and insured technician to service your claim promptly and professionally.**
Choice Home Warranty’s technician will diagnose the problem and either repair or replace your covered appliance or system. Whether your appliance or system is repaired or replaced, you’ll pay the same flat rate: an affordable service call fee. The fee is the same no matter how much the repair or replacement actually costs.***

Repair or Replacement Under Home Warranty Service
Choice Home Warranty’s service contracts provide complete solutions for homeowners. That means whether your appliance or system requires repair or replacement, it will be taken care of.* Choice Home Warranty’s local technicians are experts at diagnosing problems with systems and appliances. If they determine your equipment requires replacement, your new appliance or system will be covered for the same low service call fee as you would with a repair service.*** If a replacement unit is not available, Choice Home Warranty customers are still covered. You’ll be offered a cash payment for the amount of Choice Home Warranty’s replacement cost, which will allow you to simply purchase your own new system or appliance.

Choice Home Warranty’s Technician Network
Many Choice Home Warranty customers choose to purchase a service contract to save money on home repairs, but discover another perk of having a home warranty: the Choice Home Warranty technician network.
Choice Home Warranty’s Technician network is dispatched instantly to customer claims, ensuring that you’ll receive prompt service from the leading home repair experts in your area. Each technician is based in your local area, licensed, insured, and most importantly, trusted by Choice Home Warranty to deliver excellent service.**
With a Choice Home Warranty service contract, you’ll simply get fast, helpful service for your home without having to shop around for a repair professional. We’ve done the work of screening technicians for you, so all you have to do is submit your claim and enjoy having your covered system or appliance repaired quickly and without hassle ­­ or a high cost.

Learn More About Choice Home Warranty
Still have questions about home warranties and how Choice Home Warranty can protect your home and finances? Contact us to get help from a customer care representative who can help you better understand what Choice Home Warranty has to offer homeowners.

* Click Here to view complete limits of liability and any exclusions. CHW offers service contracts which are not warranties.

** See policy for specifics on response times.

***CHW reserves the right to offer cash back in lieu of repair or replacement in the amount of CHW’s actual cost (which at times may be less than retail) to repair or replace any covered system, component or appliance.

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10 Home Decor Improvements You Can Do in Just One Hour

Changing the clocks has got us thinking about what a difference one hour makes. We all know we would benefit from an extra hour of sleep, maybe another hour to run errands, or an additional hour in our weekends, but how much of a difference can one hour make in your home? Well, you can be the judge of that, with these 1-hour home improvement DIY ideas from productive Hometalk bloggers!

1. Install a new faucet and sink

Project via Hometalker Jeff @Home Repair Tutor

Upgrade a tired bathroom by switching out the hardware. Before calling in a costly professional, find out just how quick and easy this home improvement is to DIY — here’s how it’s done!

2. Fill those empty walls

Project via Hometalker Adri @Dream Book Design

Nothing says “design in progress” like stark, empty walls. The right wall decor can make any room look put together and well arranged, and this decorating hack is the shortcut to get it done.

3. Set up a succulent terrarium

Project via Hometalker June @Nostalgiecat

Bring your home to life in less than an hour, with these easy DIY terrariums. Don’t worry — even if you’re a certified black thumb, you won’t have any trouble keeping succulents in your home.

4. Hang a rope-wrapped porch swing

Project via Hometalker Melissa @Daisy Mae Belle

Upgrade a hanging porch swing or hammock chair, by wrapping that clunky metal chain in thick rope. This quick update won’t only improve your decor, it will eliminate pinched fingers for good!

5. Earn the best owner award

Project via Hometalker Doreen @Hymns and Verses

All it takes is one hour to become your kitty’s favorite person, with this sweet cat window perch. It’s a fun home detail for you and a cozy lounging spot for your fur baby. Instructions here!

6. Add easy porch seating

Project via Hometalker Anne @Design Dreams by Anne

Whether you’re looking for decor or function, this mini rustic bench can be built in 1 hour, and for just $8! It’s spring — why not add some fun detail to your outdoor spaces? Here’s how to do it.

7. Put up cafe curtains in any room

Project via Hometalker Kathy @Petticoat Junktion

Finding the right window treatment can be a challenge, and putting it up can be a pain. Instead, try this 1 hour window treatment hack, to add a little character to your home without too much stress.

8. Make some stylish bathroom storage

Project via Hometalker Donna @Funky Junk Interiors

Attach an old wooden crate to your bathroom wall, and voila! You’ve got the perfect charming perch for extra TP rolls. With all that extra time, add more details if you’ve got ‘em, like a vintage license plate to close off your crate.

9. Build a blanket or towel ladder

Project via Hometalker Amanda @The Contractor Chronicles

You’ve been seeing these trendy storage ladders everywhere, but without a ladder of your own, you were out of luck. Here’s the 1 hour ladder DIY to help you get your linens in order!

10. Create a pretty jewelry organizer

Project via Hometalker Nancy @Artsy Chicks Rule

Turn thrift store supplies into colorful storage, with this thrifty 1 hour upcycle for a double-duty DIY that holds your jewelry and looks fab doing it!

Looking for more ways to improve your home in just 1 hour? There are tons of ideas, inspirations, and tutorials, at our 1 Hour Projects page on Hometalk!